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About Us

The Company upholds the demanding standards and international norms. We are a company with strength and stability. Which is reflected in our state-of-the-art infrastructure and long-lasting customer relationships. Unicure is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO14489:2018 company having WHO GMP-approved facilities. Our manufacturing facilities are WHO GMP certified along with GMP certification from P&PB- Kenya, DIGIMED - Peru, PMRA - Malawi, ZAMRA-Zambia. TMDA - Tanzania, NDSO - Lesotho and MOH-Yemen.
Today, after a journey of more than four decades, our products have generated immense interest among the overseas buyers due to superior quality, cost advantages and excellent back-up and service support to our customers with respect to registration packaging design, delivery schedule, logistics,, etc. Our USP is that we invest as much time in understanding customer's needs as customers themselves invest and cater to their discerning requirement. We have a loyal customer base that benefits from the quality and cost advantages we offer, along with end-to-end service support.

Our Team

Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. N. R. Chinoy
Executive Director- Marketing
38 years in Domestic Marketing

Mrs. Shyla Murthy
General Manager
21 years in Quality and Regulatory Affairs

Team Unicure